Groundbreaking women of Victoria

Victoria’s biggest transport program

We are coordinating an unprecedented number of transport projects across Victoria

Name a tunnel boring machine after a groundbreaking woman

Picture this – the year is 1512, and you’re working down a mine shaft in Turkey, covered in mud. You and your fellow workers pray to Saint Barbara to watch over you as you are working beneath the earth. This long-ago scene is where an important tunnelling tradition was borne, to name Tunnel Boring Machines after females.

As part of Victoria’s Big Build, there’s an unprecedented amount of work happening above and, below the ground to build the Metro Tunnel and the West Gate Tunnel.

We have asked Victorians to help name our six Tunnel Boring Machines, inspired by the ground-breaking women of Victoria.

The winners will receive a VIP tunnel boring machine experience with exclusive access to the massive pieces of machinery and a behind the scenes tour.

The competition has now closed and winners will be announced shortly.

The terms and conditions can be viewed here.