6 May 2022

The Victorian Government is removing 20 dangerous level crossings and building 13 new stations as part of a more than $4 billion upgrade of the Frankston Line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow for more trains, more often. The level crossings at Warrigal Road and Parkers Road will be removed by raising the rail line over the roads. The project will also include building a new Parkdale Station.

Continued site investigations

Since early 2022, we have been conducting site investigations to help us understand more about the local area and to support design development.

Throughout mid 2022, we will be continuing further site investigations, including:

  • groundwater monitoring investigations from 5am to 12pm Tuesday 10 May along the rail side of Como Parade East and Como Parade West, Parkdale. Activities will involve checking existing groundwater wells and are not expected to be noisy. During this time, there will be minor car space closures and traffic management will be in place.
  • day and night-time flora and fauna inspections and surveys, involving a range of specialists conducting site walks and visual inspections of trees, animals and vegetations along the rail corridor using spotlights until early July 2022.
  • continued traffic surveys and parking use studies across Parkdale and Mentone, involving counting cars and recording number plates at Parkdale Station and the surrounding area. All data collected will be anonymised and is used to understand current commuter parking use and existing traffic conditions in the broader road network.
  • soil investigations from June 2022 to early September 2022, involving drilling boreholes along the rail corridor during the day.
  • other visual site inspections including collecting feature survey data with surveyors on-site until early July 2022.

What to expect

  • Workers, vehicles and equipment in the project area undertaking the works and inspections, with minimal noise expected during borehole testing works.
  • Workers using spotlights at night along the rail corridor – lights will not be directed at homes.
  • Traffic management and temporary minor car space closures in place during groundwater investigation works.
  • Traffic surveying equipment set up around the area, including traffic cameras.
  • Activities will take place from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, unless advised otherwise above.

Staying in touch

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If you have any questions about the works email us at contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au or call 1800 105 105.