11 May 2020

The Sunbury Line Upgrade will enable more modern trains to run on the line, creating room for 113,000 more passengers every week.

More modern trains for the Sunbury Line

To take full advantage of the extra capacity on the rail network created by the Metro Tunnel, a range of enhancements are needed on the Sunbury Line to enable more modern trains to run.

The $2.1 billion Sunbury Line Upgrade will see various upgrades within the rail corridor extending from Sunbury to Footscray.

These upgrades will ensure more modern trains can reliably run all the way from Cranbourne and Pakenham to Sunbury, linked through the CBD by the Metro Tunnel.

The new trains will provide a more comfortable ride for passengers with improved seating, standing areas, cooling and heating designed for Melbourne’s weather.

The Sunbury Line Upgrade will deliver:

  • platform extensions at 8 stations between Sunbury and Footscray
  • wheelchair boarding platforms at 8 stations
  • train stabling upgrades at Sunbury, Calder Park and Watergardens
  • power upgrades between Sunbury and the Metro Tunnel entrance near South Kensington station.

Why is the Sunbury Line Upgrade needed?

Patronage on the Sunbury Line is increasing at a rapid rate with demand set to exceed capacity in the next decade.

The Sunbury Line Upgrade, in conjunction with the Metro Tunnel, will deliver major improvements in capacity, reliability and frequency of services on the Sunbury Line.

When will the upgrades be delivered?

The Sunbury Line Upgrade is due to begin construction in late 2019 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023. Rail Projects Victoria is delivering this upgrade as we build the Metro Tunnel.

Community and stakeholder engagement is an important part of the planning and delivery of the Sunbury Line Upgrade. There will be opportunities to provide input as the project progresses.

Map showing power upgrades from Sunbury to North Melbourne; platform extensions at Sunbury, Watergardens, Albion, Sunshine, Tottenham, West Footscray, Middle Footscray and Footscray; wheelchair boarding pads at Sunbury, Diggers Rest, Watergardens, Keilor Plains, Albion, Sunshine, Tottenham, Footscray; and train stabling upgrades at Sunbury, Calder Park (between Diggers Rest and Watergardens), and Watergardens.

What are the benefits?

The Sunbury Line Upgrade will:

  • increase the capacity, reliability and efficiency of trains running on this busy line
  • create room for 113,000 more passengers every week
  • create an end-to-end Sunbury to Pakenham/ Cranbourne rail line linked by the Metro Tunnel
  • boost electrical capacity along the Sunbury Line to power bigger and better trains and enable all trains to run more frequently
  • extend platforms along the Sunbury Line to fit longer trains
  • extend train stabling facilities at Sunbury and Watergardens to fit longer trains, and build additional stabling at Calder Park to house trains and enable more services
  • improve access to stations with wheelchair boarding pads installed on platforms
  • give Sunbury Line passengers direct access to 5 new CBD stations, including connections to the City Loop
  • improve access for people living in Melbourne’s booming north-west to employment, education and other opportunities.
  • cater for continued population growth across Melbourne
  • provide hundreds of jobs
  • help ensure Melbourne’s north-west remains a great place to live, work and learn.

The Metro Tunnel

The Metro Tunnel is building twin 9km tunnels and 5 new underground stations at North Melbourne (near Arden Street), Parkville, State Library at the northern end of Swanston Street, Town Hall at the southern end of Swanston Street and Anzac at St Kilda Road.

It will transform the way people move around Melbourne and improve access to key landmarks and destinations.

By taking 3 of the busiest train lines (Cranbourne, Pakenham and Sunbury) through a new tunnel under the CBD, the Metro Tunnel will untangle the City Loop so more trains can run more often across Melbourne.

As a result, room will be created on the network to enable more than half a million additional passengers per week to travel on the rail network during peak periods.

More information

To find out more about the Sunbury Line Upgrade:

  • railprojects.vic.gov.au
  • 1800 105 105 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Rail Projects Victoria PO Box 4509, Melbourne, VIC 3001