An Olympic sized effort at the Beaconsfield interchange

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Currently we have six excavators, 50 trucks and trailers, seven rollers, three compactors and three graders working every day at the Beaconsfield interchange, as part of Stage 2 of the Monash Freeway Upgrade.

Since mobilising, the crew has placed close to 270,000 cubic meters of soil to build the foundations of the four new ramps at the Beaconsfield interchange. That’s enough to fill 11 Olympic sized swimming pools.

We have also removed over 27,000 cubic metres of topsoil and we’re making sure it doesn’t go to waste. We’ve committed to diverting all soil away from landfill. The soil removed from the centre median of the Monash Freeway and between Soldiers Road and the Beaconsfield interchange is being re-used for
ramp construction at the Beaconsfield interchange and landscaping.

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