Monash Freeway Upgrade ramps up

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As part of the Monash Freeway Upgrade Stage 2, we’re changing the way you join the Monash Freeway and EastLink from Police Road and Jacksons Road in Mulgrave.

We’ll connect the existing Jacksons Road outbound entry ramp directly to EastLink with a separate elevated road and reinstate the outbound entry ramp at Police Road direct to the Monash Freeway.

This will remove the dangerous traffic weaving that occurs on the Monash Freeway between the Jacksons Road entry ramp and the exit ramp to EastLink.

New road connections

As part of the project, we'll also:

  • install ramp metering signals at the new Police Road ramp, to control the flow of traffic onto the Monash Freeway.
  • plant 4200 new trees, shrubs, and vegetation between Jacksons Road and EastLink.

Construction is underway and is expected to be complete in 2022.

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