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Artists go behind the scenes of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

A partnership between the Metro Tunnel Creative Program and the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, curated by Lisa Warrener from Global Art Projects, allowed 4 artists rare access to the State Botanical Collection at the National Herbarium of Victoria. This is one of Victoria’s most scientifically prized assets comprising of an extensive library collection of botanical literature and art, along with approximately 1.5 million dried plant, algae and fungi specimens.

Artist Caitlin Klooger from textile design company Ink & Spindle created a montage of botanical imagery inspired by the plants she saw in the herbarium as well as others found in the gardens. Caitlin’s work features banksias and acacias, which are among Australia’s most iconic flora and will be on display on the hoardings facing the Shrine of Remembrance until April 2020.

Another participating artist, Tai Snaith, will also have a work from this project on display in the same location in late 2020.

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