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Creating a safe workplace with thermal imaging

The Metro Tunnel Project is using thermal imaging technology to help keep our staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have installed infrared cameras at our major site offices at Macaulay Road, Calder Park and the Eastern and Western tunnel entrances. The cameras conduct real-time temperature screening of the majority of our site workers as they arrive each day.

If a camera detects that a staff member has an elevated temperature, it will sound an alarm and the staff member will be safely taken to First Aid. The camera sends 2 images – 1 infrared, 1 normal – to a secured email account for notification purposes only.

To protect our workers’ privacy, the cameras do not record or store any other images or data. They only capture data temporarily if they detect an abnormal temperature. Any images captured are deleted as soon as the incident is being managed.

This screening procedure gives peace of mind to our staff that they are working in a safe environment.

In 2 adjacent images a man is talking on the phone. In the first one his face has a green square outline. The second image is identical except that the colours are bright pink, orange and yellow, reflecting the heat mapping of thermal imaging technology.

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