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Metro Tunnel taking shape deep below Swanston Street

Construction of the Metro Tunnel Project’s new State Library Station is well underway, with the main station cavern now excavated and work starting on the permanent station.

The cavern under the CBD has been excavated using 3 road headers, each of which can excavate around 500 tonnes of rock every day. They are equipped with cutterheads that smash through rock 3 times harder than concrete.

The road headers have finished more than a year of work under the city, digging 36m under Swanston Street while also excavating the station length of 240m between Franklin and La Trobe Streets. Later this year, they will go back underground to dig out the rail tunnels on each side of the central station cavern.

The first permanent building works for the station are also now underway, with a concrete floor installed that will form part of the future platform.

Metro Tunnel