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TBM Millie Starts Digging

We have reached another major milestone with tunnel boring machine (TBM) Millie launching from the site of the new Anzac Station.

Millie is digging the first tunnel between Anzac Station and the Metro Tunnel’s eastern entrance at South Yarra, with TBM Alice to follow in the coming weeks.

Named for Victoria’s first female MP, Millie Peacock, the yellow TBM will travel 1.7km, lining the tunnel with concrete segments as she goes.

Once Millie and Alice finish this phase of tunnelling later this year, they will be disassembled and returned to the Anzac Station site to commence their next journey towards the CBD.

TBMs Joan and Meg have broken through at Kensington and are currently being reassembled at Arden Station where they will later begin their journey to Parkville Station.

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