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New public spaces and improved connections around the western tunnel entrance

Construction of the western tunnel entrance at Kensington includes a cut-and-cover tunnel entrance, decline structure and track work, retaining walls, reinstatement of roadways, walkways, pavement and car parking, an updated station entry and forecourt, and landscaping.

The project team is progressing detailed design for these elements as set out in the Western Portal Development Plan, which was approved by the Minister for Planning on 22 May 2019.

Design response

Earlier this year, we engaged on our Western Portal Development Plan via a public display period from 4 to 22 February. Feedback provided during public display helped our team finalise our development plan for submission to the Minister for Planning. The plan set out required surface works to construct the western tunnel entrance and described the response to the Urban Design Strategy and relevant Environmental Performance Requirements, as defined in the Metro Tunnel Environmental Management Framework.

Development plan feedback has further informed the preparation of urban designs for the Kensington project area. This area includes the entry to South Kensington Station, Childers Street, Ormond Street and the interface with JJ Holland Park. The project’s design seeks to provide:

  • access to and along Childers Street for a range of vehicle types and cyclists
  • safe connections for cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles travelling along Childers Street near South Kensington Station
  • increased landscaping and vegetation along Childers Street and around the station entrance
  • adequate parking for station users and JJ Holland Park users
  • additional public open space from JJ Holland Park into 135 Ormond Street
  • integration between JJ Holland Park, new public space and the updated station entrance.

Flood wall approach

We noted the community’s feedback during community workshops and public display events in relation to the Western Portal flood wall and how it should tell the story of the area. To assist with developing a comprehensive design response, we will commence an additional engagement period later this year to inform creative treatments, including graffiti deterrence and opportunities to discuss the use of textures, colours, and additional materials.

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