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Piling to begin in City Square

Metro Tunnel works in City Square are entering the next phase, with piling to get underway to build the new Town Hall Station up to 35m beneath Melbourne’s CBD.

Over the coming months, Victorians will be able to watch from the viewing windows on Swanston Street as scores of workers and construction equipment, bore huge support columns into the ground. This will allow deeper digging to safely commence, with Town Hall Station to be built within the excavated space.

Piling works will take place in the massive shaft created by the demolition of the 3 storey car park beneath City Square and subsequent removal of around 5000 tonnes of debris from the site. An acoustic shed will be erected over the City Square site, before 24-hour excavation and tunnelling works commence.

Town Hall Station will be located under Swanston Street, between Flinders Street and Collins Street. The station will include an underground passenger connection to the platforms at Flinders Street Station, allowing commuters to conveniently interchange between Metro Tunnel and City Loop train services.

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