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Stone artefacts on display at Metro Tunnel HQ

Flaked stone artefacts used by Aboriginal peoples, found during our archaeological investigations, are on display at Metro Tunnel HQ.

Flaked stone artefacts used by Aboriginal peoples have been identified at Swanston Street behind the Young and Jackson Hotel, near the site of the future Town Hall Station. Flaked stone tools are the most durable evidence of past human activity and often shape our understanding of the history of archaeological sites.

Flaked stone tools could be made quickly and were used for many everyday tasks, including shaping objects made of wood, bark and bone. They were used as spear-tips in hunting weapons and as knives to butcher game.

They were also used to scrape and prepare animal skins for making cloaks, containers and decorative items.

Aboriginal peoples have lived in Victoria for many thousands of years. There were over 30 tribal or language groups living across Victoria at the time of European settlement in 1835.

The Melbourne area was part of the traditional country of the Woiwurrung/Wurundjeri and the Boonwurrung/Bunurong tribes. All clan members within a tribal group knew their country in great detail, including the best time of year to visit a place to find particular foods or resources.

This relationship to country extends back to its creation by ‘Bunjil’ the eagle. Bunjil created the people, the land and all living things.

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