Video technology to boost Metro Tunnel security

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Passenger safety will move up a gear when the Metro Tunnel Project rolls out state-of-the-art video technology to assess security footage.

We have just closed the expressions of interest for a company to provide the high-tech monitoring of CCTV required to spot suspicious packages, intruders and other security risks. Shortlisted companies will get to demonstrate their capabilities in a 4 week trial in the City Loop. The successful bidder will provide video analytics to ensure the Metro Tunnel and its 5 new underground stations operate safely and efficiently.

Real-time CCTV footage will enable monitoring of passenger numbers on train platforms, as well as general security measures such as identifying suspicious objects or intruders in restricted areas.

All CCTV footage from across Melbourne’s rail network is securely archived in line with Metro Trains’ policy, agreed with Public Transport Victoria and the Privacy Act. When serious incidents occur, emergency services such as Victoria Police and fire brigades can request footage to be used as evidence in investigations.

The video analytics technology for the Metro Tunnel Project does not include facial recognition, as the technology isn’t yet suitable for use in train stations. Although facial recognition technology is used at airports, this involves cameras installed at a set height with controlled lighting, which is impractical for rail stations with higher passenger levels and more variable lighting.

This video analytics contract demonstrates our commitment to making travel on the Metro Tunnel as safe and smooth as possible.

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