Merinda Park Station is set to undergo a complete rebuild as part of the Cranbourne Line Upgrade.

The new station, used by around 1,500 passengers each weekday, will have a more logical layout, better access and a modern waiting room.

A well-lit pedestrian underpass will provide direct access between platforms, while the main entrance will be moved to a more convenient location near the centre of the car park.

Creating a new underpass also provides a new pedestrian link between Cranbourne North and Lyndhurst and means the current pedestrian level crossing can be removed.

To help people get to the station, the car park will include dedicated drop-off zones and a higher number of accessible parking spaces.

Construction at the station will coincide with track duplication works, with both to be completed in 2023.

Key features include:

  • centralised station access points and drop-off zones
  • new pedestrian underpass
  • new passenger information displays and hearing loops
  • upgraded lighting and CCTV
  • improved weather protection
  • secure storage for cyclists, including bike hoops and a Parkiteer cage.

Construction at the station will coincide with the track duplication works between Dandenong and Cranbourne, with construction to commence in 2020 and completed in 2023.

Eumemmering Creek bridge upgrade

Engineers and designers have completed plans for a new steel truss bridge over Eumemmering Creek, located in Dandenong South.

The bridge will support a second train track running over the creek and is part of works to duplicate the Cranbourne Line.

Protecting the creek’s ecosystem has been a major focus for engineers. The design means no foundation or pillars need to be dug into the waterway and no modifications are needed to the existing single-track bridge.

By removing level crossings and duplicating track, the Cranbourne Line Upgrade is paving the way for trains every ten minutes during peak hour.

Works at Eumemmerring Creek will begin in 2020 and be complete by 2023.

Visit the Cranbourne Line Upgrade page for more information.

Artist impression of Merinda Park Station
Artist impression of Merinda Park Station pedestrian underpass
Artist impression of Merinda Park Station platform
Artist impression of Merinda Park Station entrance
Cranbourne Line Upgrade facilities map
Artist impression of Eumemmerring Creek bridge
Artist impression of Eumemmering Creek bridge

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