Voiceover. So, the existing bridge was built in 1934 and it wasn't designed to cater for high productivity freight vehicles. So, we've got a temporary bridge that we're putting in place which is a really great innovative solution and a reusable option that we could use on other bridge replacements around the State. This bridge is extremely important to our community, it's a gateway to our central business district across the Barongarook Creek, it's a major freight route through Colac on the Princes Highway.

Voiceover by Lucas Bridgeman. So the temporary bridgeis being manufactured in Thomastown, it's being transported in sections and it will be assembled onsite. So, by building the bridge in this way it improves the safety for both the general public as well as our construction crews by separating traffic from our construction site.

Voiceover by Jason Schram. I think the temporary bridge solution is fantastic. Having a brand-new bridge with safer pedestrian access is what the community has been asking for many years. It allows the flow of traffic to continue, we'll be able to keep Colac open for business while the new bridge is being built, so that's a big win for our town and our community.

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