Bypassing Shepparton

Bypassing Shepparton incorporates Shepparton Bypass Stage 1, Shepparton Alternate Route and upgrades to Ford and Wanganui roads


Bypassing Shepparton comprises three projects:

  • Shepparton Bypass Stage 1
  • Shepparton Alternate Route
  • Upgrades to Ford and Wanganui roads.

Shepparton Bypass Stage 1

Planning is progressing for the Shepparton Bypass Stage 1, linking the Midland Highway in Mooroopna to the Goulburn Valley Highway in Shepparton North.

Shepparton Alternate Route

Planning is underway to investigate capacity and safety improvements along the Shepparton Alternate Route, linking the Goulburn Valley Highway from Kialla West to Congupna.

Wanganui and Ford Roads

Investigation is underway for upgrades to Ford and Wanganui Roads to provide a direct east-west connection between Shepparton Bypass Stage 1 and the Shepparton Alternate Route.

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Bypassing Shepparton is being delivered by Major Road Projects Victoria. Visit the project website for more information.

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