The new stabling facility will no longer be delivered as part of the Gippsland Line Upgrade. A stabling facility in Traralgon will instead be delivered as part of a future upgrade to the Gippsland Line.

Why did we go through this process?

Rail Projects Victoria was tasked with investigating a suitable location for a new stabling facility to support additional services on the Gippsland Line.

During the development phase of the project, our rail experts identified that a new stabling facility would not be needed to deliver the project’s objective of additional off-peak services.

We are grateful to the Traralgon community and residents who provided their feedback throughout this process.

Rail Projects Victoria’s site assessment and the community feedback provided through the consultation process will be considered as part of the process to select the most appropriate site for a future stabling facility.

The Department of Transport will carry out this work as part of future planning for the regional network.

What is train stabling?

Train stabling is where trains are parked while not in operation.

While the trains are in the facility they are cleaned internally and prepared for the next day.

A typical train stabling facility operates almost 24 hours a day, from approximately an hour before the first train service starts until an hour after the last service ends.

For more information see our train stabling fact sheet (PDF, 407.8 KB).