Western Portal Development Plan amendment

The Metro Tunnel Project is occupying 5-39 Hobsons Road (part of the land formerly known a 1-39 Hobsons Road) as a support site for construction activities.

An investigation by independent structural engineers has found that some buildings in this site are dilapidated and have deteriorated to a point where structural integrity has been compromised and are beyond repair.

To ensure the ongoing safety of the site, Rail Network Alliance (formerly Rail Infrastructure Alliance or RIA) is proposing to:

  • demolish 3 buildings on the rear of the property, including an infill wall, located on the entrance from Hobsons Road.
  • retain the 2 buildings which front onto Hobsons Road, with one having its partially collapsed roof replaced. The new roof will significantly slow the building’s deterioration and allow for further uses in the future. The retention of the buildings located directly on Hobsons Road will continue to provide a visual and historical reference of the site’s former industrial uses.

The RIA Western Portal Development Plan, which outlines the scope of RNA’s works in Kensington, needs to be amended to include these works.

Public display and comment

The proposed amendment and supporting documents will be available for public inspection and comment from 9am Thursday 14 September 2023 until 5pm on Friday 6 October 2023.

Have your say

RNA will consider feedback received and respond to all submissions as part of this process. All community and stakeholder comments will be included in a consultation report which is provided to the Minister for Planning for their consideration.

For further information, please call 1800 105 105 or use our Interpreter Line on (03) 9280 0700.

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