Property owners near the proposed tunnels and stations have the opportunity to have the existing condition of their property assessed via a property condition survey.

Property condition surveys are routinely offered on major infrastructure projects to give property owners peace of mind before construction gets underway.

For more details see our Property Conditions Survey fact sheet (PDF, 541.5 KB).

Frequently asked questions

What is a property condition survey?

A property condition survey records the condition of a property, either prior to construction commencing or at a subsequent point in time. It provides a reference should you believe your property may experience any adverse effects from construction works.

The survey involves an inspection and photographs of the inside and outside of the building. Depending on the age and condition of your property, the time it takes to complete inspection will vary. No attempt will be made to move any personal possessions or furniture, without your permission.

Why should I get a property condition survey done?

Rail Projects Victoria is committed to minimising the impact of construction works on properties along the Metro Tunnel corridor.

Should you believe your property has experienced any adverse impacts due to the Metro Tunnel Project, the property condition report will provide a reference to the condition of your property either prior to construction works or at a particular date after construction has started.

A property condition survey records details of any existing structural issues or damage to a building. These surveys can provide peace of mind during construction works. They are also a useful reference document for any property owner or property manager.

Do I need to pay for the property condition survey?

No. All costs for the survey will be covered by Rail Projects Victoria.

Who will conduct the property condition survey?

An independent, fully qualified and reliable provider will conduct the property condition survey on behalf of Rail Projects Victoria.

When will property owners be offered a property condition survey?

RPV and its construction contractors sent out invitations for a property condition survey well in advance of construction starting in 2018. We will also send follow up letters to remind property owners of the initial invitation. It is up to property owners to contact the independent provider to arrange for a survey before construction starts.

I am renting the property. Do I still need a property condition survey?

Tenants will need to contact their landlord/real estate agent or the owner of the property and inform them of Rail Projects Victoria's offer of a property condition survey on the property. They can then decide whether they would like to proceed with the survey.

Who will have access to this report?

The owner, occupier and/or landlord/real estate agent will be provided with copies of the report.

Rail Projects Victoria and its construction contractors will also retain a copy of the report throughout the construction period.

No information in the report will be provided to third parties unless you provide consent for this to occur.

What if the property condition survey is performed after construction has commenced in my area?

If a property condition survey is performed after construction has commenced in your area, the survey will document the condition of your property as at the date the inspection is performed. This will be the reference date if you believe your property has subsequently been adversely affected by construction works.