Next-generation High Capacity Signalling technology will be installed in the Metro Tunnel to deliver more trains during peak periods.

Before being rolled out on the Cranbourne, Pakenham and Sunbury lines and in the Metro Tunnel, the new technology was put through months of rigorous testing on a 4.5km section of track on the Mernda line, between Epping and South Morang stations.

The Mernda test site has helped us fine tune the operation of the system for use in Melbourne. The Mernda line was chosen because it did not share tracks with regional or freight services and has fewer timetabled night services than other lines.

Testing of the High Capacity Signalling technology is continuing on the Cranbourne/Pakenham Line in 2023.

What did testing involve?

The 2 test trains were put through hundreds of scenarios to make sure the integration of the new technology, the existing signalling system and the train was functioning as expected.

Approximately 500 hours of track time was required to perform these testing activities. These hours were spread out across 2020 and 2021 to allow time in between testing for any modifications required.

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