Community engagement

In September and October 2018, we shared our proposed design of the Childs Road Upgrade.

Public consultation was promoted through a range of engagement activities including letter box drops, newspaper advertisements, social media advertisements, letters, emails, a community pop up event and engagement with local councils.

We received over 120 pieces of feedback about the Childs Road Upgrade. We then provided this feedback to the project team who used it to refine the proposed design.

The consultation led to extra scope being added to the project design, including upgrades to the Dalton Road intersection to improve safety for those U-turning at Mindoro Crescent.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 we’ve door knocked local residents, distributed project updates, emails and attended local community events to continue raising awareness of the upgrade.

Community updates




Have your say on how we communicate about the project

One of our top priorities is ensuring you get information you need when you need it while we upgrade Childs Road.

We want to make sure you’re kept up to date with our progress, you’re prepared for any works that may affect you and that we’re building positive relationships with local community.

We’re seeking feedback on how we’ve been communicating and engaging with residents and business owners over the past 6 months as part of our works.

We’ve engaged Ipsos Public Affairs (Ipsos) - an independent social research company to conduct a short survey on our behalf. Ipsos will be randomly telephoning residents and businesses (if the telephone number is publicly available and linked to the address) near the project area from Monday 29 November.

Ipsos will collect, analyse and report on the findings of this survey - no individual identifying information will be passed from Ipsos to MRPV.

Keep up to date

As we move into construction, you’ll see changes in your local area. We’ll send out regular updates to help keep you informed about progress and works that might affect you.

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