We’ve been continuing to relocate utility services to prepare for the widening of Lathams Road and Rutherford Road, and the construction of the new Lathams Road bridge over Peninsula Link.

Throughout recent months, we’ve:

  • built a new service lane along the southside of Lathams Road between Frankston-Dandenong Road and Colemans Road
  • constructed a new westbound carriage way on Lathams Road
  • switched traffic lanes to start widening works on the northern side of the road
  • continued widening works on the Eastlink entry and exit ramps at Rutherford Road
  • completed piling within the new Lathams Road bridge embankments and continued foundation works
  • installed temporary pavement, service relocations and drainage along Lathams Road between Frankston Gardens Drive and Frankston-Dandenong Road.

New Lathams Road service road

In January, crews worked around the clock to construct the new westbound carriageway, service lane and pedestrian paths.

During the closure, we:

  • constructed a new westbound carriageway between Frankston Dandenong Road and Aster Avenue
  • constructed a new service lane between Frankston Dandenong Road and Titan Drive
  • constructed a new shared use path on the southern side of Lathams Road
  • installed new guard rail and safety barriers along Lathams Road.

We also installed over 440 meters of new drainage infrastructure under the road, spanning across 25 trenched pits. Over 15000 hours of labour were dedicated to this closure, to ensure that it was reopened on time.


Noise from construction will vary depending on the type of activity being undertaken. If you’re close to our works, you may notice increased noise levels at times.

Some of the main sources of noise during construction include excavators and graders, piling rigs, generators, power tools, site workers, and trucks delivering and transferring materials to and from our construction sites.

We’ll make every effort to minimise any impacts on local residents and businesses during these works by:

  • scheduling noisy activities in day-time construction hours
  • providing local residents and businesses with advance notice about any out-of-hours works
  • fitting machinery with engine noise reduction equipment
  • monitoring noise in areas adjacent to residential and commercial properties.


We’ll endeavour to maintain access to homes and businesses at all times. If access needs to be restricted we’ll notify residents and businesses regarding any future impacts.

Access changes

This upgrade includes changing access to some local side streets.

The changes will provide better connectivity and improve traffic flow and safety for all road users by reducing the likelihood and severity of crashes. Under the new design, permanent changes will be in place to provide safe turning options at nearby intersections.

Construction updates