The M80 Ring Road is gearing up for a massive upgrade that will include 5 new lanes, smart technology and a seamless interchange with North East Link.

From Greensborough to Watsonia, North East Link will pass under Grimshaw Street and 2 green bridges at Elder Street and Watsonia Road – keeping local roads for local trips.

We'll work with a preferred builder to refine the project designs, before sharing them with the community for feedback late this year. We expect construction to start in 2024, with site investigations underway this year.

Ring Road interchange

A smarter lane layout has created more space for 2.3 hectares of trees and plants and 3.3 hectares of wetlands. We’ve also improved access to Macorna Street bridge and will build a wide, well-lit Yando Street underpass to join the new North East Trail for more direct trips by bike and on foot.

Grimshaw Street interchange

We've combined some of the north-bound lanes for an interchange that’s easier to use and further away from homes.

Watsonia station and shops

2 green bridges at Elder Street and Watsonia Road will connect to new multi-level station parking and new community spaces.