Melbourne is growing fast, and the Eastern Freeway needs some big changes to keep up.

As part of the North East Link project, the Eastern Freeway would get a massive overhaul to bring it up to modern day standards – slashing travel times by up to 40%.

The new-look Eastern Freeway would include:

  • extra lanes for trips between growth areas in Melbourne’s north and south-east
  • dedicated lanes to separate vehicles getting on and off the freeway to reduce the merging and weaving that causes congestion
  • express lanes for smoother, faster trips between Middleborough Road and Chandler Highway
  • ramp metering (traffic signals) at entry ramps to better manage the rate vehicles enter the freeway and keep traffic flowing.

These improvements would all work together to increase capacity, reduce congestion, improve safety and make travel times faster.

We’re also building Melbourne’s first dedicated busway – providing separated lanes for buses along the Eastern Freeway towards the city.

Dedicated lanes for buses mean passengers won’t be held up by weaving on and off the freeway and will get a true express ride.

For more information about early plans for North East Link, including upgrades to the Eastern Freeway, take a look at the artist impressions (PDF, 7.4 MB).

This is an early design concept for North East Link. It is not a final design and is subject to change based on further engineering and planning studies, feedback from communities and stakeholders and the procurement process.