The north-east of the project area starts from the M80 Ring Road and Greensborough Bypass through to Greensborough Road and Lower Plenty Road intersection.

A new freeway connection with the M80 Ring Road will provide faster trips to Melbourne’s south-east. Local roads will be kept or rebuilt for local toll-free trips.

M80 interchange

North East Link would begin in Melbourne’s north with an interchange that seamlessly connects the M80 Ring Road and Greensborough Bypass to North East Link. Greensborough Road would be rebuilt on both sides of North East Link for local, toll-free trips.

New cycling and walking bridges and paths would make travelling around the area safer and easier.

Grimshaw Street

A new interchange at Grimshaw Street in Greensborough would improve traffic flow in all directions. Through traffic on Greensborough Road and North East Link would pass under Grimshaw Street.

Watsonia station and shops

Community feedback helped shape an alternate design for North East Link around Watsonia station and shops with better local connections for cars, buses, bikes and walkers.

An alternate design for this area of the project now includes:

  • a more direct connection between Elder Street, Greensborough Highway and the station carpark
  • crossings for pedestrians and bike riders to the station and shops
  • better links for local buses
  • improved car parking at Watsonia station

Greensborough Road

North East Link would lower into a trench about 8-12m deep and run next to Greensborough Road, Greensborough Road would be kept open for local trips.

Green bridges over North East Link would provide new green spaces, new walking and cycling paths and keep local roads connected.

Lower Plenty Road interchange and tunnel entrance

The entrance to Victoria’s longest twin road tunnels would begin at Blamey Road.

A long and narrow interchange at Lower Plenty Road would keep the footprint as small as possible and spread traffic across different entry and exit points to keep traffic moving.

A new walking and cycling path under Lower Plenty Road would link Greensborough Road to River Gum Walk.

For more information about early plans for North East Link, take a look at the artist impressions (PDF, 7.4 MB).

This is an early design concept for North East Link. It is not a final design and is subject to change based on further engineering and planning studies, feedback from communities and stakeholders and the procurement process.