It’s never too early to start thinking about a career in rail infrastructure. It’s not just engineering, big projects like ours require all sorts of different roles. Maybe there’s one for you?

Here’s what some of our newest employees have to say about the work they are doing.


Big projects have big contracts and need to deal with land ownership issues. Could you learn the letter of the law and help make sure everything’s above board?

Community engagement

Big projects have a big impact on the community. These specialists make sure everyone understands what will happen and report back on the ideas and concerns of local people.

Land, planning and environment

Do you care about the green space around you? How about using your skills in science and problem solving to ensure the natural world is protected and enhanced during big projects.

Civil engineering

If you can think big, this could be the job for you. These people look after the design, planning and construction of bridges, tunnels, stations, transport systems and more.