Works are underway at Calder Park as part of the Sunbury Line Upgrade.

Site establishment and preparatory works

We have performed preparatory surveying and earthworks to ready the rail corridor for new infrastructure. This includes clearing the ground within the construction area, delivering materials, drainage, and service proving to confirm the location of underground services.

A temporary construction site with offices for staff has been installed next to the rail corridor near Holden Road, Calder Park. It stores materials, worker amenities, and includes construction vehicle parking for the duration of Sunbury Line Upgrade works.

Power upgrades and train stabling

As part of the Sunbury Line Upgrade, we are delivering power upgrades and expanding the existing train stabling facility at Calder Park to accommodate bigger, more modern trains.

Technical analysis of existing train power supply and future transport needs along the Sunbury Line identified the need for a new substation at Calder Park. Works include constructing a substation building and installing signalling and communication equipment. These works are expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Construction impacts

Construction will cause low to medium levels of noise and vibration, and an increase of trucks travelling on local roads to access the site from Holden and Victoria Road. Traffic controllers will assist with vehicle and pedestrian movements around the site.

At times, out of hours works and deliveries may occur. Advance notification will be provided to local residents ahead of all out of hours construction activities.

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Construction timeframes

Major construction around Calder Park began in March 2020.

Established construction sites in Calder Park will be active for the duration of works.

Community engagement

We will work closely with residents, businesses and the local community to manage impacts from construction.

Community relations staff are also on call 24/7 to answer any questions, concerns and complaints.

Environmental requirements

Key environmental requirements for the project includes the preparation of a Growling Grass Frog Conservation Management Plan. These actions ensure the species and habitat is protected in line with previous project stages and requirements.

View the Calder Park Stabling and Maintenance Yards Stage 3 – Growling Grass Frog Conservation Management Plan (PDF, 21.5 MB) documentation.

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