Works are underway in St Albans as part of the Sunbury Line Upgrade.

Works around St Albans

As part of the Sunbury Line Upgrade, a range of enhancements will be delivered to allow bigger, more modern trains to run more frequently on the line once the Metro Tunnel is complete. Construction of 2 new electrical substations are part of essential rail power upgrades happening in St Albans.

One of the new substations is located on Willaton Street, next to the train line just north of Ginifer station, within land set aside for rail purposes. The second substation will be built on St Albans Road, south of Ginifer station within an open space reserve next to the rail corridor and nearby the Western Ring Road.

Review of the existing train power supply and future transport needs along the Sunbury Line show both new substations are needed for power upgrades in this area.

Community consultation

Willaton Street substation

In late 2020 and again in early 2021, we asked for your feedback on the concept designs for the Willaton Street substation.

Using the collated community feedback, the substation building and surrounding landscaping designs were refined to focus on:

  • more natural and earthy colours in the substation screen with a more abstract pattern emulating the surrounding landscape
  • increased use of plants that are indigenous to the St Albans area in the landscaping around the perimeter of the substation
  • reflection of the history of the local area including the local grasslands and the volcanic plains area
  • increased habitat integration for birdlife, bees and other local fauna by using recycled organic materials.

The building and landscaping design is now final. Preparatory works will begin at this site from mid-2021.

St Albans Road substation

In late February through to early March 2021 the project ran a round of community consultation asking for feedback on early concept designs of the new St Albans Road substation.

The online survey ran for 2 weeks and closed at 5pm Monday 8 March 2021. Now that the community consultation has closed, the project team is collating and analysing the responses.

Final designs will be made available to the community from mid-2021.

Construction impacts

Works will be carefully planned to limit disruption to commuters and the local community. However, activities may create noise, dust and vibration typical of construction activities.

A construction site will be established in these areas to support the substation works. These will accommodate site facilities, equipment laydown and create a safe barrier between the construction site and pedestrians.

Site establishment activities will also include installing Tree Protection Zones for trees near the construction sites of the new and upgraded substations. There may also be drainage, sewerage and earthworks required onsite to connect services such as storm water.

To facilitate works in these areas, detours and signs will be in place during construction to ensure the safety of the community and workers.

There may be some unavoidable disruption to rail services so the work can be undertaken safely. Bus replacement services will be provided during any planned disruptions.

At times, out of hours works will also be required. Advance notification will be provided to local residents ahead of all out of hours construction activities. The project team is working to minimise disruption to the community. We will keep the community updated as to how these disruptions will be managed as project designs and construction plans progress.

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Construction timeframes

Preparatory works for substation construction will begin from mid-2021. The first stage of works generally involves clearing and utility connection works. Major construction on these substation buildings will start from late 2021 and is expected to be completed by 2022.

Detailed construction information will be provided to local communities prior to the start of works.

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