Works are underway in West Footscray as part of the Sunbury Line Upgrade.

Works around Tottenham Station

At Tottenham Station we have extended platforms to fit bigger, more modern trains and installed wheelchair boarding pads to improve accessibility. Power upgrades will also take place adjacent to the rail corridor near Tottenham Station as part of works to boost electrical capacity along the Sunbury Line.

We’re upgrading the existing electrical substation at Tottenham Station to provide essential power for bigger more modern trains to run along the line. The substation will be upgraded by extending the existing substation building by approximately 24 metres. The additional power the extension provides will improve the capacity, reliability and frequency of services for passengers.

To support the works, we will be closing the Sunshine Road commuter car park at Tottenham Station to establish a construction site and undertake preliminary service installation works.

Construction impacts

Works will be carefully planned to limit disruption to commuters and the local community. However, activities may create noise, dust and vibration typical of construction activities.

From April 2021, the Sunshine Road car park at Tottenham Station will be closed until late 2022 to facilitate construction activities. Up to 33 car spaces will be closed during this time. A project site will be established in the area to support the substation works. It will accommodate site facilities, equipment laydown and create a safe barrier between the construction site and pedestrians.

Seven car spaces will be permanently closed at Tottenham Station to make room for the extension of the substation building. An offset car park will be available for commuter parking on the northern side of Tottenham Station, along Rupert Street.

Accessible parking will remain available in the Sunshine Road car park throughout the entire term of construction. Establishment of a temporary driveway on Sunshine Road, to the western side of the station car park, will allow vehicles using the accessible parking spaces to safely exit the car park onto Sunshine Road.

To facilitate works in the area, detours and signs will be in place during construction to ensure the safety of the community and workers.

There may be some unavoidable disruption to rail services so the work can be undertaken safely. Bus replacement services will be provided during any planned disruptions.

At times, out of hours works will also be required. Advance notification will be provided to local residents ahead of all out of hours construction activities.

Construction timeframes

Site preparation activities at Tottenham Station and within the rail corridor will begin from late March 2021, with site establishment expected to commence from April 2021.

Major construction of the substation will start from mid-2021 and is expected to be complete by the end of 2022.

Detailed construction information will be provided to local communities prior to the start of works.