Getting on with delivering the Sunbury Road Upgrade

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Working together is how we’ll keep Sunbury’s emerging communities connected well into the future, and it starts even before a sod is turned.

We’re partnering with Winslow Infrastructure for the Sunbury Road Upgrade, awarding the contract to design and build the project using our new approach to procurement – the Program Delivery Approach (PDA).

We're using the PDA model to deliver projects like the Sunbury Road Upgrade, awarding contracts to pre-qualified contractors based on their capability, capacity, past performance, and ability to deliver value-for-money solutions.

Construction and design companies were invited to join the Major Road Projects Victoria Construction and Design Panels to fast-track procurement and get projects shovel ready sooner and there is an ongoing opportunity for new contractors and designers to join these panels.

The PDA model provides a range of benefits that will:

  • create a more sustainable contractor and design market
  • reduce procurement time and costs
  • better integrate project planning and project delivery
  • improve collaboration
  • provide financial and future project opportunities.

Benefits for the construction market include sustainable supply opportunities for small, medium and large companies, improved cost certainty and better allocation of risk pricing.

Months of working together towards a common goal goes into managing complexities around projects – but for the Sunbury Road Upgrade in particular, these favourable outcomes were realised throughout this development process:

  • An innovative design for Jacksons Creek bridge – by introducing a new standalone bridge we are embracing the most environmentally sensitive, innovative, and efficient way to increase the capacity of the bridge while avoiding the complexity and inconvenience of widening the existing bridge. This approach will contribute to protecting the health of the ecologically sensitive Jacksons Creek during construction and will significantly reduce the impact of traffic disruptions on the local community.
  • Replacing the deck of the existing bridge will save time and money – rehabilitating the existing bridge over Jacksons Creek by replacing the deck has been recognised as the best way to extend the life of the existing structure while minimising the disruption to road users across the region.
  • Creative pavement rehabilitation - Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation (FBS) is being embraced as an environmentally sustainable approach to meeting the pavement requirements of this project.
  • Building better relationships with developers – by collaborating with local residential developers, we are managing the impacts to the traveling public, optimising the construction program and working together to build a safer road for those that rely on this major arterial.
  • Sunbury Eco-Hub early works success – the project team is currently hard at work on the Sunbury Eco-Hub intersection making improvements to the drainage and reinforcing the pavement to make this section of the road safer.

Embedding the Program Delivery Approach, the combined project team has embraced a collaborative approach to delivering the Sunbury Road Upgrade project in the interests of the broader community and all road users.

Find out more about the new Program Delivery Approach (PDA) model and the Sunbury Road Upgrade.

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