16 July 2020

Cheltenham Station up and running

We're removing 18 level crossings and building 12 new stations as part of a $3 billion upgrade of the Frankston line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

Your brand new Cheltenham Station will open on Sunday 16 August. With trains back up and running, we will complete finishing works in the station precinct by mid 2021, including landscaping, streetscaping and building the new multilevel car park.

Your new station precinct has been revitalised with an improved bus interchange and revamped taxi rank, 2 new ‘kiss and ride’ pick-up and drop-off zones and additional bike parking with a Parkiteer cage and bike hoops.

The new Cheltenham Station offers improved accessibility for the whole community, with 2 sets of lifts and stairs to get you between the concourse and platforms. Brand new station facilities include accessible public toilets, a kiosk and electronic information displays. These displays will assist passengers transitioning between services and will be available on the platforms, station concourse and in the bus interchange on Charman Road.

The station has a modern climate-controlled waiting area at the station entrance as well as sheltered seating on the platforms to provide weather protection year-round. At Cheltenham, we're connecting the third track to the main line to allow for the operation of express services and more trains to run more often once the Metro Tunnel project is completed.

We have partnered with the City of Kingston to fund a new station forecourt and more community space at Cheltenham. The new station forecourt will allow clear views of Cheltenham Park from the shopping precinct, connecting both sides of the rail line for convenient access. New community open space on Charman Road will offer seating, landscaping and feature the much-loved station palm trees.

The station forecourt will feature Indigenous designs inspired by the Traditional Owners, the Bunurong people. Created by local artist Steve Ulula Parker, spiral and diamond patterns will be embedded on the footpath and station ramp walls, representing the different clans and bays and signifying the importance of connection to Country.

The improved station precinct connects to the new 3.5km walking and cycling path between Cheltenham and Mentone, making it easier for people to walk and cycle around their local area and helping make Cheltenham a safer and more vibrant area.

Going green

  • We’ve installed solar panels to reduce the energy use of the station.
  • We're saving 45 per cent more water on irrigation for the station precinct landscaping.

Finishing touches will continue on the new Cheltenham Station community space and multilevel car park, with the Cheltenham project to be completed in mid 2021.

Car parking

When works are complete in mid 2021, there will be:

  • 350 all-day parking spaces in the station precinct and along Edward Street
  • 64 short-term parking spaces in the station precinct, including 36 short-term spaces in the new multilevel passenger car park and 28 short-term spaces in the nearby 'triangle' car park.

Project timeline

Mid 2020

  • Major construction shutdown completed
  • New Cheltenham Station opens

Late 2020

  • Walking and cycling path works continue between Mentone and Cheltenham
  • Finishing touches on the station, car parking and landscaping

Mid 2021

  • Cheltenham project complete
  • Walking and cycling path between Cheltenham and Mentone complete
  • Cheltenham multilevel car park completed

Please note that the timeline shown is subject to change.