Victoria’s transport program

We are coordinating an unprecedented number of transport projects across Victoria.

$38bof transport projects currently in construction

41major transport projects currently being built

12,000+people in jobs

About Victoria’s Big Build

Victoria is currently in a transport construction boom with 41 major road and rail projects being built. It’s not just about current works, with significant planning also underway for a number of projects that are set to transform the way Victorians travel. Highlights of Victoria’s Big Build include:

More construction, more jobs

These projects, combined with many more local road upgrades and public transport improvements, mean more jobs for Victorians. This massive overhaul of our transport network is creating tens of thousands of jobs.

Visit our jobs portal for current vacancies on these projects across the private and public sectors.

Coordinating major construction and disruptions

The Office of the Coordinator General oversees many of the major transport projects in construction and planning including the Level Crossing Removal Project, Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel and North East Link. Major Road Projects Authority is overseeing major road and freeway projects across Victoria.

The Coordinator General works closely with Transport for Victoria and Public Transport Victoria to ensure major construction activities and disruptions are coordinated across the network. This includes plans to keep people moving through major work periods. We also work with industry to ensure it has the skilled workers needed to deliver Victoria’s massive construction program.

About the Office of the Coordinator General

Corey Hannett is Victoria’s Coordinator General, having been appointed to the role in mid-2014 after more than 20 years delivering major infrastructure projects.

Corey is supported by a team of people with expertise in planning and delivering major transport projects in the fields of safety, resource planning, legal, commercial, community engagement, policy and finance.

The Office works closely with Transport for Victoria. Headed up by Dr Gillian Miles, Transport for Victoria is responsible for the smooth operation and long-term planning of Victoria’s transport network. Transport for Victoria and the Office of the Coordinator General are part of the broader Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

Keeping you informed

There are a number of ways you can stay informed about major transport projects and any disruptions on the network. This website features an interactive map showing the location and timing of any major disruptions as well as travel alternatives. You can plan your public transport journey via the PTV Journey Planner or visit VicTraffic for more information about travel conditions and incidents.

Each project has a dedicated communications strategy using methods such as advertising, notifications/newsletters in letterboxes, emails, signage, flyers, social media, website information and videos. Get in touch with us if you have a specific question or concern about works and projects in your area.

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