Suburban Rail Loop

A rail network forming a circle around Melbourne’s suburbs


90kilometre circle line

12new potential underground stations

400,000passengers per day


The proposed Suburban Rail Loop is a new underground rail network connecting Melbourne’s middle suburbs. It will include new stations and connect major railway lines from the Frankston line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport.

The Suburban Rail Loop will connect Melbourne’s middle suburbs to priority growth precincts, and link all Victorians to major health, education and employment centres.

Strategic Assessment

A Strategic Assessment that supports the potential development of a Suburban Rail Loop has been released.

The Suburban Rail Loop is a proposed new rail network forming a circle around Melbourne’s suburbs. Three potential corridors were considered for the project, reflecting the places of state significance set out in Plan Melbourne.

The Strategic Assessment identified potential next steps, which would require further funding:

  1. Development of a full business case
  2. Detailed technical and planning work to develop the project scope and assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of the project
  3. Market engagement with industry to inform the business case development; and
  4. An extensive stakeholder consultation process.

Map of the proposed Suburban Rail Loop, forming an outer ring around Melbourne.


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