More than 4000 trees will be planted as part of SRL East, helping create cool, green and inviting public spaces.

For every tree impacted by construction, we will plant at least three in its place. This will double the canopy in and around the SRL station precincts. Planting will begin soon after construction has started.

We are working closely with local councils to determine the best places to plant the extra trees and help create greener communities. We’ll be guided by locals, so the plantings complement the look and feel of their neighbourhoods.

But we’re not just counting how many trees we plant – we’re counting what they do.

Doubling the tree canopy will increase the protection offered by the branches and leaves which provide shade, cooling and cleaner air.

And we’re in it for the long haul. New plantings will be a combination of seedlings and young trees to ensure they thrive and grow into mature trees.