Planning for the future

Victoria is growing and by the 2050s, Melbourne is expected to be home to 9 million people – the size of London today.

We’re carefully planning now to ensure areas around SRL East stations will be ready to meet the needs of our growing population.

Building the new underground stations at Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood and Box Hill provides an opportunity to enhance the surrounding neighbourhoods (or precincts), making them even greater places to live, work, visit, study and shop.

We’re planning to ensure these areas benefit from an improved range of infrastructure and services, providing better connections to jobs, open space and community facilities – all on the doorstep of world-class public transport.

Structure planning for SRL East Precincts

Structure plans for SRL East Precincts will set out a shared vision and provide a framework for how areas around the new stations will grow and change over time while protecting and preserving the features people love about them now.

The plans will guide change in each precinct over decades by defining the preferred outcomes important to the local area. These might include future land use, buildings, and additional infrastructure, open space, car parking and the future street network, among others.

After consultation with local councils, the structure planning boundaries for the areas around the 6 new SRL East stations are now confirmed. Find out more in the Structure Planning Engagement report.

Planning Scheme Amendments (PSAs) will be required to implement structure plans into the planning schemes of the cities of Bayside, Kingston, Monash and Whitehorse.

Download the Structure Planning Boundary maps

We want to hear from you

Building on previous community feedback, local studies and ongoing planning, we are preparing a structure plan and draft planning scheme amendments for each SRL East Precinct – the neighbourhoods around the 6 new underground SRL stations.

To do this, we have developed a set of proposed key directions that seek to address current and emerging challenges and meet the demand for greater housing choice and the needs of a growing population.

Visit our precinct vision website to learn more about the key directions and provide your feedback.

Consultation is open until 11.59pm Sunday 30 June 2024.

Find out more

Discover the opportunities planned for the future of the neighbourhoods around SRL stations.

Learn more about the Draft Precinct Vision papers

Learn more about the draft precinct key directions

Key Directions Maps

Key steps for SRL East structure planning

Mid to late 2023 – Developing shared visions

  • Share feedback captured to date
  • Outline the structure planning process and timeline
  • Seek input on ambition statements and proposed priority outcomes for each SRL East Precinct

Late 2023 – Refining the visions

  • Seek feedback on draft precinct visions
  • Refine opportunities and challenges
  • Explore place-shaping criteria and values and needs for each area

Early to mid 2024 – Shaping the plans

  • Continue gathering feedback to inform final precinct visions and draft structure plans
  • Build awareness of upcoming exhibition process
  • Encourage continued feedback and participation

Late 2024/early 2025 – Exhibiting the plans

  • Release final visions, draft structure plans and planning scheme amendments
  • Exhibit structure planning documents for public review and comment
  • Seek stakeholder and community submissions

2025 – Public hearing

  • An independent advisory committee is convened
  • Structure planning documents are considered by the committee
  • A public hearing is held by the advisory committee

2026 – Sharing the outcomes

  • Structure plans are finalised
  • Planning scheme amendments are approved and gazetted
  • Structure plans are applied to all development within SRL East precincts