17 April 2024

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Summary of Structure Planning Engagement report

Suburban Rail Loop is a city and state-shaping project that will transform Victoria’s public transport system, connecting our suburbs and making travel easier and more convenient.

SRL will revolutionise Victoria’s public transport system, connecting every major train line from the Frankston line to the Werribee line, via Melbourne Airport, and improving access to housing, jobs, schools, universities and hospitals in Melbourne’s middle suburbs.

For years, high population growth on Greater Melbourne’s expanding urban fringe has been driving many households further from employment centres, leading to longer commutes, increased congestion and more crowded public transport.

This pattern of growth risks entrenching disadvantage, with inequitable access to good jobs, services, affordable housing, amenities and recreational opportunities.

We need to plan now to cater for that growth, create new affordable housing options in the middle suburbs and help Melbourne become a ‘city of centres’.

SRL is part of a coordinated Victorian Government plan to not only transform our transport network, cut congestion, and slash travel times but also to boost housing and amenities around the new SRL station precincts.

SRL will help prepare our city and state for the future and safeguard our prized liveability.