We know it's important to Victorians that we keep communities healthy and protect the environment during our construction work. That's why we have a range of safeguards and environmental initiatives in place.

Recycled First

Our Recycled First initiative is identifying ways for the Victorian Government to use more recycled materials in transport infrastructure projects.

Our goal is to drive greater use of these materials, encourage innovation and develop demand for recycled materials.

We are optimising the use of recycled materials such as recycled aggregates, glass, plastic, timber, steel, ballast, crushed brick, crumb rubber and reclaimed asphalt pavement.

Companies bidding on our infrastructure projects must detail how they will optimise the use of recycled and reused materials that meet existing standards and specifications.

For more information, get in touch with the team at ecologiq@roadprojects.vic.gov.au.

Environmental Effects Statement

When required for our projects, we produce an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) – a document that examines the possible impacts of the project on the environment. The EES also identifies how the impacts will be avoided, mitigated, minimised, monitored and managed.

Part of the EES process involves releasing the EES to the public and inviting submissions. At that time, we'll advertise important dates and let you know how you can make a submission.

Then, based on the EES and submissions, the Minister for Planning will decide whether the project's effect on the environment is acceptable or not. The relevant decision makers must consider the Minister's assessment when they decide whether to approve a project.

This process can take up to 2 years to complete.

Conserving plants

In our projects, in addition to meeting all requirements under relevant Victorian and Australian legislation, we aim to minimise the amount of trees and other vegetation removed within construction zones.

We engage qualified ecologists and arborists, ensuring any significant species are retained and protected. Trees and sensitive vegetation are protected by fencing off ‘no-go zones’ during construction.

We work with the community, and retain as many trees as we can through environmentally sensitive design and construction methods.

Where a tree has had to be removed, we will look for opportunities to re-use the wood for environmental and community projects.

Soil management

Managing and treating soil is a standard part of the construction process. Victoria's Big Build responsibly manages worksites to keep communities healthy and protect the environment.

During planning, qualified specialists will test the soil and develop a management plan. Substances commonly found in excavated soil are:

  • naturally occurring heavy metals, such as arsenic
  • per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a group of chemicals used in manufacturing
  • asbestos fibres.

All soil handled and removed from the site is managed in line with the stringent protocols of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria.

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