Recycled First Policy

3429095 tonnes of recycled materials being delivered under the Recycled First Policy.The Recycled First Policy supports the Victorian Government’s circular economy strategy, Recycling Victoria – a 10-year plan to overhaul the state’s recycling sector, grow domestic recycling capabilities and fuel innovation.

Since March 2020, all tenderers on Victorian major transport projects have had to demonstrate within their bid how they will optimise the use of recycled and reused materials at the levels allowed under current standards and specifications.

Tenderers can also identify opportunities to trial new innovative products or opportunities to boost recycled and reused material quantities within existing standards and specifications.

Successful tenderers must report against their Recycled First commitments during delivery. This ensures recycled and reused materials are considered over virgin materials and will divert valuable materials from landfill.

The Recycled First Policy allows for continuous improvements to transport standards and specifications and research and development. It will develop new markets and create greener, more sustainable transport infrastructure outcomes.

View our Recycled First Policy (PDF, 99.6 KB)

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