About the Parkdale Open Space Advisory Panel

The Parkdale Open Space Advisory Panel is made up of local community members who will provide input into how Parkdale’s newest community open spaces will be developed. They will share their perspective to help us design a space that will be used by locals for generations to come.

Members will:

  • contribute ideas and feedback on designs for the new community open spaces
  • make sure a broad range of community perspectives are considered
  • share project information and updates with the local community.

Panel members

  • Alistair Bishop, Community Member
  • Anika Warren-Smith, Community Member
  • Anna Worsnop, Community Member
  • John Hoggart, Community Member
  • Jim Swinden, Community Member
  • James Hardy, Community Member
  • Keirath Singh, Community Member
  • Martin Horan, Community Member
  • Nola Baker, Community Member
  • Paul Taranto, Rotary Club Mordialloc
  • Paul Leitch, Community Member
  • Ursula Soulsby, Community Member
  • Shane Sheedy, Community Member
  • [Undisclosed community member]

Executive summaries

Meeting Three – 9 April 2022

For our third meeting, panel members toured recently completed level crossing removal projects at Carnegie, Rosanna and Moreland stations to view the elevated rail designs and open space created as part of the projects, including the new stations, new planting and landscaping and community facilities.

At each station, the project team spoke about the different designs and how each new station precinct had been designed for its local context. Key discussion points amongst panel members included:

  • how each of the open spaces was working for the local communities and how creating an open space design that brings both sides of the community together will be important for Parkdale
  • taking inspiration from other sites, including design elements that soften the elevated structure and planting and landscaping that complements the local area and project design
  • how the open spaces were being actively being used by their local communities, for example walking and cycling paths, playgrounds and sporting recreational facilities
  • design features, architectural aspects, different community spaces and artworks that had been incorporated into the designs, including local features and historical elements
  • the variety of station design options and how each project has its own unique design.

The next meeting will be held in late May 2022.

Meeting Two – 15 March 2022

The meeting opened with welcomes, formalities and introductions.

The panel members were asked to share what they had heard from their community networks over the past couple weeks, including general views, comments, questions or concerns.

The project team shared interim results from the Open Space Design survey, which showed strong support for new trees, plants, and landscaping, open grassed areas, and nature-based style play spaces. Community preferences for sporting facilities included a basketball half-court and an open-air gym, and for recreational facilities a public piazza/village square, community garden, and BBQ and picnic area. Key preferences for cultural elements in the open space were a heritage trail and children's garden.

The project team then presented further ideas and opportunities for the open space planting and landscaping, including the planting of native species (drawing on existing vegetation and Bradshaw Reserve), options for canopy trees, water sensitive design, and irrigation. Design limitations and challenges were also discussed.

Members of the panel were asked to encourage their networks to fill out the open space design survey as well as the planning submission survey before they closed on 21 March.

The next meeting is to be held in May 2022.

Meeting One – 22 February 2022

The meeting began with introductions and formalities, followed by information about the panel and its purpose.

The key objectives of the meeting were to introduce and build understanding of the project, the panel and its process.

The panel members provided information about themselves and their involvement in the local community. They also shared photos of the local area that hold value for them and spoke about what Parkdale means to them.

The project team presented key findings from the recent Parkdale Vision and Values survey. This was followed by a presentation and discussion about ideas and opportunities for the new open space, with a focus on the unique features and characteristics of Parkdale.

Project members answered questions confirming that:

  • a consultation report outlining results from the Parkdale Visions and Values survey and Open Space design survey will be released in the coming months
  • a separate trader engagement strategy is being developed
  • impacts on trees and vegetation along the rail corridor are being assessed as part of a program of site investigations.

The next meeting will be held on 15 March 2022.