23 July 2020

Updated design for Hallam Station

The Victorian Government is removing 17 dangerous level crossings, including the Hallam Road level crossing, as part of a $15 billion investment to upgrade the Pakenham line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

We’re removing the dangerous and congested level crossing at Hallam Road, Hallam, with a new rail bridge for better traffic flow, reduced travel times, improved safety and connections, and to support the local economy and jobs.

We’re also building a new Hallam Station and designs have been updated based on community feedback.

In late 2019, you told us that safer and easier pedestrian access across Hallam Road had to be a key priority for this project. In response, we've updated the station design to include a second entrance on the eastern side of Hallam Road.

More than 20,000 cars and trucks use the Hallam Road level crossing every day, with boom gates down for more than a third of the morning peak.

Early works to remove the level crossing will start later this year and the boom gates will be gone for good in 2022.

  • improves safety for pedestrians and drivers
  • more reliable road network
  • no more delays at the boom gates
  • hundreds of jobs during construction
  • new station with better facilities.

Benefits of the design

The second entrance will allow people who walk, cycle or catch the bus to the station to safely enter from either side of Hallam Road, without needing to cross at the pedestrian lights. It also caters for current and future needs by providing space for Hallam Road to be duplicated.

Bold and open design

Architects have designed the new Hallam Station as a feature for the area. White architectural screening will help people see the station as a landmark from afar, and when up close, commuters can enjoy clear sightlines and accessibility. Perforations in the screening will allow people to see into the platforms and throughout the station, to maintain safety.

Better facilities

The new station forecourt includes covered waiting areas, a bike cage and bike hoops, toilets in the western forecourt, and stairs and lifts for accessing the elevated platforms. The station will also include improved lighting and CCTV.

Safer pedestrian and cyclist access

Pedestrians can access either side of Hallam Road via the elevated structure when commuting, or by the signalised pedestrian crossing just north of the station forecourt. This provides safer and easier connections to the bus stops and businesses

Upgrading the car park

The new Hallam Station will feature an upgraded car park, including a signalised entry and exit, more accessible parking, new ‘kiss and ride’ drop-off zones, a taxi rank and safer pedestrian pathways so getting to and from the station is safer and easier. There is no loss of parking in the updated design.

Improving the Pakenham Line

The Pakenham line is one of Victoria’s longest and busiest rail lines, with Metro, V/Line trains and freight trains all using the corridor.

The Victorian Government is investing more than $15 billion on projects to run more trains on the Pakenham line.

These projects include:

  • Metro Tunnel Project – more trains, more often on the Pakenham line
  • removing 17 level crossings, with 9 already gone
  • 65 new high capacity trains, which will start running on the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines first
  • a brand-new Pakenham Super Station, with more car parks and bus connections
  • a third track through Pakenham to help both regional and metro trains run more often
  • increased power and signalling to run more trains.

These projects will create room for 121,000 extra peak passengers every week on the Pakenham line.

Travel times will be reduced by up to 50 minutes a day with the removal of these level crossings and the introduction of the Metro Tunnel.

Help shape your station

We’re seeking your input on the colour palettes to be used on seats, concrete columns and other station features. Options include bright colours to contrast with the white screening, and to guide people to key areas.

Visit Engage Victoria to provide your feedback.

Managing our impact on the environment

The swampy drains and waterways around the Hallam Valley are home to a vulnerable species of tiny fish, known as the dwarf galaxias.

Our environmental investigations found small but important habitats in sections of drains to the east and west of Hallam Station.

To protect these areas of habitat, we have designed the rail bridge to avoid most of the dwarf galaxias’ habitat in and around our project, and only0.01 per cent of the total habitat will be affected. We will also fence off no-go zones to protect areas of habitat close to our works.

Early works starting soon

We’ll soon start construction on Hallam Road, so you’ll see us out and about in the upcoming months.

Early works include installing fencing, setting up site offices and facilities for workers, and relocating utilities and services. This will prepare the site for major works later this year.

Health and safety

The health and safety of our workers and community is our key priority as we begin early works on Hallam Road.

To find out more about the measures in place on our projects, visit our website.

For information about corona virus, visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au

Project timeline

Late 2019

  • Announcement of rail bridge design with new station
  • Community engagement and project planning

Mid 2020

  • Station design updated to include second entrance
  • Consultation on station colour palette
  • Early works begin

Late 2020

  • Major works commence


  • Level crossing removed
  • New Hallam Station completed

Timeline shown subject to change.