22 October 2021

Rail bridge taking shape at Hallam

The Victorian Government is removing 22 dangerous level crossings along the Pakenham Line, including the Hallam Road level crossing, as part of the $15 billion investment that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

We've achieved a major milestone on our way to having the level crossing gone and new station open in 2022, with the first crossheads and L-beams now in place over Hallam Road.

This is a significant step toward removing the dangerous and congested level crossing at Hallam Road, eliminating the bottleneck that impacts up to 20,000 cars and trucks each day.

To date, our works have been mostly underground as we completed utility works and the initial foundation works that will hold the columns of the new rail bridge.

More than 136 piles were drilled as deep as 15m before we started the next phase of major construction.

These piles are the foundation on which the bridge structures, such as piers and crossheads, have been placed.

Starting 50m west of Hallam Station car park, the bridge will span 394m and return to ground level about 150m east of Hallam Road.

Consisting of 60 L-beams, the new rail bridge will have a total weight of 13,185 tonnes.

Bridge build fast facts

  • 394m in length
  • 60 L-beams
  • 12 Super Ts
  • 10 large crossheads
  • 6 pre-cast piers
  • Total weight: 13,185 tonnes (equal to 213 E-Class trams)

New public spaces added to a modern Hallam Station precinct

Along with the new Hallam Station and rail bridge over Hallam Road, locals will be able to enjoy a brand-new public space featuring public artwork and a new walking and cycling path that will provide connections around the area.

The artwork, by internationally renowned Australian artist, Rose Nolan, will complement the new station’s modern architectural design.

The artwork, titled You Me Us Here Now, will appear underneath the rail bridge in opposite directions to reflect the coming and going of passengers.

Passengers and residents will also enjoy improved access to the new station, with a new walking and cycling path now included in the design to provide a safe connection between Hallam Station’s eastern entrance and nearby homes.

The new path will provide easier pedestrian and cycling connections and feature trees and landscaping to make leaving the car at home a more viable option.

The new artwork and walking and cycling path form part of works to build a new Hallam Station that will feature modern facilities for the 2200 passengers who use the station each day.

Sustainability at Hallam

  • Renewable energy: We will be installing solar PV systems on the new Hallam Station to reduce the building's energy use.
  • Reducing waste: We're using recycled materials where possible, and will donate leftover materials.
  • Conserving rainwater: Three 5000L water tanks will be installed to harvest rainwater from the new platform canopies.

The 3D technology behind the build

How do our engineers ensure all the different components of building a new rail bridge and station fit together seamlessly?

Using what’s called a Federated 3D Model gives our engineers access to a highly detailed visual picture of both underground services and the structures above ground.

The model is valuable in assisting the team to plan the upcoming construction programs for the new Hallam Station.

‘From these federated models, we are easily able to cut sections and take measurements from the models and highlight any visible issues,’ says Mitch, Digital Engineer at Hallam.

‘This is extremely beneficial and -means we can make any necessary changes to the design much earlier and more efficiently.’

With input from each separate engineering discipline every fortnight, our engineers use the model as an important planning and reference tool.

The tool enables them to quickly identify potential issues and provides ample time to make modifications to the program or design.

Hallam Road: staying alert to changing traffic conditions

As we bring the pieces of the new Hallam Station together, you will have noticed there are changes to the way you travel along Hallam Road.

With construction of the new rail bridge progressing rapidly, the speed limit along Hallam Road has been reduced to 40km/h to ensure the safety of drivers, train passengers, pedestrians and our work crews.

There will continue to be intermittent road, lane and pedestrian crossing closures between now and when the new Hallam Station opens in 2022.

We will have traffic management in place so please drive safely through the area, following traffic signs and instructions from our crews.

Stay up to date

If you have any questions about the project, call us on 1800 105 105 or email contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au

Project timeline

Late 2020

  • Major works begin

Mid 2021

  • Underground works complete
  • First deliveries of the main bridge structures
  • Bridge construction commences

Late 2021

  • Rail bridge construction continues
  • Construction of the new Hallam Station begins


  • Level crossing removed
  • New Hallam Station open