22 March 2022

The Victorian Government is upgrading important rail infrastructure on the Hurstbridge Line, which will enable more train services, less crowding on peak trains and better connections to public transport in Melbourne’s north east.

As part of these upgrades, we’re building a new substation at Greensborough to regulate the power source for Hurstbridge Line trains, allowing trains to run more reliably.

Year one vegetation growth. Artist impression only, subject to change.

What is a substation?

Substations provide the power required to operate Melbourne's trains and signalling equipment. They are operated by Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) and are common across the entire metropolitan network.

Why does the rail network need substations?

As demand for train services continues to grow and major rail infrastructure projects such as Metro Tunnel and the Level Crossing Removal Project provide capacity for more trains across Melbourne’s network, rail power and signalling needs to be upgraded to enable more trains to run.

How do substations work?

Trains need a direct and constant source of power that can’t be met by the street power supply. Substations do not generate power – they convert the local street power supply from power lines to the voltage required to run trains.

How are locations for substations chosen?

To provide optimum power for trains, substations are evenly placed along the rail corridor. The locations of substations are determined by technical requirements of the network.

The location for the new substation in Greensborough means the Hurstbridge Line will have a more reliable power source, minimising unplanned disruptions to services.

When will the substation be built?

The new substation will be built off-site and delivered to its location overnight in late March 2022. The substation will be ready for operation by mid 2022.

How big is the substation?

The substation buildings will be approximately 5m high, with a footprint of 28m in length and 5m in width. The full substation area, which will include building footprint and staff car parking, will be approximately 70m by 34m and will be built within the existing rail corridor and VicTrack land.

Will the substation be fenced?

A fence will be built around the substation for safety and security. The fence design will fit in with the broader urban design of the local area and feature planted screening.

When will the substation be operational?

The substation will operate from mid 2022. The substation will typically be accessed by staff between 7am and 5pm. Emergency maintenance works may require the substation to be accessed outside of these hours.

What are the operational impacts of the substation?

The substation’s location next to the rail corridor, near the corner of Kalparrin Avenue, Hailes Street and The Circuit in Greensborough, means there will be minimal light or noise impacts to nearby properties.