24 August 2021

Park upcoming works

The second stage of the Hurstbridge Line Duplication will deliver further improvements, including more train services, less crowding on peak trains and better connections to public transport in Melbourne’s north east.

We will build new modern stations in Montmorency and Greensborough and duplicate the rail track between Greensborough and Montmorency and between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen, to allow more trains to run more often.

Upcoming works

We’ve started works to upgrade underground power and signalling in the rail corridor. These works will continue until late 2021.

To build new track, stations and carparking, we’ll need to remove trees and vegetation. Most of this vegetation removal is within the existing rail corridor, including in Petrie Park, in a narrow section of the park which is within VicTrack, or state owned rail land.

Why are trees being removed?

As part of our project, we’re upgrading the underground services and signalling equipment, which is more than 50 years old.

While minor upgrades have been completed over time, all the underground services and signalling equipment in the rail corridor, including next to Petrie Park, must be updated.

To ensure community safety and allow access for maintenance, the underground services and signalling equipment need to be located within the rail corridor.

Why do trees need to be removed at Petrie Park?

The project team investigated if these services could be placed on the northern side of the rail track opposite Petrie Park.

However, investigations showed it would result in more vegetation removal and potentially greater impacts to wildlife habitat than if it was done on the Petrie Park side of the rail corridor.

The trees being removed in Petrie Park are located in the rail corridor, on state owned rail land.

Can’t the trees be saved?

The future position of the Petrie Park fence has been reviewed and has been moved closer to the location of the underground services to minimise impact on trees and maintain as much public open space as possible.

To further minimise our impact, we’re using non-destructive digging techniques to protect sensitive root zones.

Even with these changes, a number of trees next to the rail corridor at Petrie Park need to be removed to allow works to safely take place. This would be required whether the underground services are installed on the north or south side of the existing fence given the proximity to the root zone.

Independent arborists and ecologists have conducted a comprehensive assessment of trees along the Hurstbridge line including next to Petrie Park. The project team has used this assessment to identify trees for removal, to allow for construction or because they pose a future hazard to rail operations and maintenance.

We’re working with local community groups, scouts, and the council to use felled logs and mulch locally where possible.

What about wildlife?

During tree removal, a qualified wildlife handler will be on site to manage the safe handling and relocation of any wildlife found during these works.

Future landscaping and planting

When works are complete, we're planting over 1,900 trees and 37,500 plants, shrubs and grasses between Greensborough and Montmorency and Diamond Creek to Wattle Glen.

This will include over 700 trees and 15,000 shrubs, grasses, climbers and groundcovers in and around the Montmorency station precinct.

The planting and landscaping of trees, shrubs and grasses will take place as part of our major works in late 2022.

While some trees will need to be removed on rail land within the park, the project is working with council on a plan to make further improvements to Petrie Park.

When will the trees be removed?

We’ll remove the selected trees during the upcoming rail closure from Monday 30 August to Saturday 4 September.

Further information

For further information you can call 1800 105 105.