19 September 2022

Brunswick will be level crossing-free as we remove more dangerous and congested level crossings on the Upfield Line

The Victorian Government is committed to removing more level crossings on the Upfield Line by 2027. This means more benefits for local communities and a better transport network for all Victorians.

We’re removing 13 level crossings on the Upfield Line. 5 are already gone and now we have added another 8 including:

  • Albert Street, Brunswick
  • Albion Street, Brunswick
  • Brunswick Road, Brunswick
  • Dawson Street, Brunswick
  • Hope Street, Brunswick
  • Union Street, Brunswick
  • Victoria Street, Brunswick
  • Park Street, Parkville

Removing these crossings will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains, more often.

Better transport, reduced congestion

Brunswick Road is a major arterial road that helps people get to the Tullamarine Freeway.

The other crossings sit in the middle of local communities creating a safety hazard for vehicles and pedestrians every day.

The Metro Tunnel will free up space in the City Loop to allow for more trains on the Upfield Line.

Removing these level crossings now will prevent even longer boom gate down time in the future.

We’ve already removed level crossings in Brunswick, Coburg and Campbellfield and built brand new Coburg and Moreland stations.

Brand new bike path and more open space

With the level crossings gone for good, we'll deliver brand new separated bike and pedestrian paths from Bell Street to Park Street.

We’ll also continue the much-loved open space created by removing the level crossings in nearby Brunswick and Coburg.

Why these level crossings need to go

  • About 71,000 vehicles travel through these crossings each day
  • Boom gates are down for up to 30 minutes of the morning peak (7am to 9am)
  • Up to 16 trains during the morning peak (7am to 9am)
  • 36 near-misses since 2016

Crossings removed

  • Moreland Road, Brunswick
  • Reynard Street, Coburg
  • Munro Street, Coburg
  • Bell Street, Coburg
  • Camp Road, Campbellfield

Level crossing removals

Map of Upfield Line showing removals at Camp Road, Bell Street, Munro Street, Reynard Street and Moreland Road, with upcoming removals in Brunswick.

Who we are

The Level Crossing Removal Project was established in 2015 by the Victorian Government to remove 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne by 2022.

In 2018, the Victorian Government committed to removing a further 25 level crossings by 2025. This was followed by another commitment in 2021 to remove an additional 10 crossings.

Now in 2022, we're ahead of schedule so we're adding even more level crossings to be removed.

Removing more level crossings will deliver:

  • More reliable roads and rail – traffic congestion will be reduced, and more trains will be able to run more often.
  • Improved safety – crossing the rail line will be safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
  • More open space – removing level crossings will enhance and create vibrant areas for the community.

Project benefits

  • Brunswick will be crossing-free by 2027
  • A separated bike and pedestrian path from Bell Street to Park Street
  • Allows more trains to run more often and eases road congestion
  • We’ll create around 4 MCGs worth of open space between Parkville and Coburg

The best design

Each level crossing is unique and needs a design that considers environmental, community and technical factors. A design that works well for one area may not necessarily suit another.

Designs for level crossing removals are assessed and developed by teams of technical experts including engineers and construction specialists.

A new rail bridge will deliver the best outcome for the community.

This design will suit the conditions of the area and will complement the rail bridge in Brunswick and Coburg.

The elevated rail bridge will run through Jewell, Brunswick and Anstey stations and we'll ensure heritage is protected where possible.

Better bike paths

  • Elevating the rail corridor allows for significant improvements to the Upfield Bike Path.
  • Around 2500 trips are made on the Upfield Bike Path each day. We'll separate the bike and pedestrian paths, like we have done between Moreland and Coburg - creating a safer and quicker commute compared to the adjacent Sydney Road.

More open space

  • Like we did in nearby Brunswick and Coburg, we'll create plenty of valuable new open space by elevating the rail line.
  • New open space will add to the thriving Brunswick precinct, and unlock more opportunities for recreation and alfresco areas.

We are in very early stages of project design. Further detailed design, engineering assessments and community engagement will be undertaken on this project.

Rail bridges in nearby Coburg

Rail bridges in nearby Coburg

New recreation area in Coburg

New recreation area in Coburg

Separated bike and pedestrian paths between Moreland and Coburg

Separated bike and pedestrian paths between Moreland and Coburg

Rail bridges in nearby Coburg

Rail bridge in nearby Coburg

Bell to Moreland elevated rail bridges

Bell to Moreland elevated rail bridges

Next steps

As we prepare to remove a level crossing, it is important that we have a detailed understanding of the conditions at each site.

To do this, we complete lots of site investigations to better understand the ground conditions and work out what designs and construction methods can be used in each location.

You'll hear more from our teams early next year about the removal of these crossings. This will include information on how to get involved, project timelines and what early investigations will be happening in your area.

Steps for removing a level crossing

  1. Early site investigations
  2. Concept design and initial community consultation
  3. Refined design based on community feedback
  4. Final design and works start
  5. Project complete

Keep in touch

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