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Summary of report

Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East would create a brand-new modern 26km underground rail line in the middle ring of Melbourne suburbs that would be capable of moving passengers from the SRL station at Cheltenham to the SRL station at Box Hill in around 22 minutes.

Melbourne needs a transport network that not only manages the significant expected growth of the city, but also meets the community’s needs and diverse travel patterns. SRL East (the Project) is the first of several proposed projects that would create a Melbourne first – orbital rail travel around Melbourne’s middle suburbs from Cheltenham to Werribee, including a station at Melbourne Airport.

With 6 new underground stations proposed between Cheltenham and Box Hill, and connections to the existing radial rail network, Victorian public transport users would have flexibility to optimise their journey times and move around the suburbs efficiently using a turn up and go service, relieving crowding pressure on the inner sections of the radial rail network. The Project would also mean that public transport users can more easily navigate disruptions to the radial network services.

Below is a non-technical summary document of the EES for the Project, including key points, features and impacts.

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