11 September 2023

Progress in Box Hill

Early construction of Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East is now underway in Box Hill, with a blitz of works to prepare for excavation of the brand new underground station and twin tunnels. This includes moving the 109 tram stop on Whitehorse Road, and relocating services including water, sewer, power and gas.

SRL powering ahead

Construction of Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East is powering ahead, with trains running by 2035 – slashing travel times, easing congestion and creating thousands of jobs.

SRL East from Cheltenham to Box Hill will deliver 6 brand new underground stations, opening up access to health, education and employment destinations across Melbourne’s east and south east.

As our city grows, the public transport network will need to support an additional 11 million trips a day, with 19 million extra trips on our roads.

Building SRL East is creating up to 8,000 jobs, with 14% of hours on early construction being worked by apprentices, trainees and cadets, with fantastic opportunities for women, Aboriginal and disadvantaged Victorians.

SRL will not only ease pressure on our roads and public transport, it will help reshape how and where we grow in the decades ahead. Through careful planning and investment around each station, SRL will bring more jobs, greater housing choices and opportunities to our middle suburbs.

Benefits for Box Hill

  • Better train connections for Box Hill residents to neighbouring suburbs.
  • 15,000+ people to use the SRL station every day.
  • Box Hill to Burwood (and Deakin University) in 3.5 minutes.
  • Box Hill to Burwood (and Deakin University) in 3.5 minutes.
  • Construction of SRL will support up to 24,000 jobs.

Box Hill, What's your vision?

SRL is more than a rail line – the areas around the new stations will be thriving communities with better public transport options, making them even more attractive places to live, work and study. The new underground stations will be magnets for activity and investment, bringing more diverse and affordable housing, generating more jobs closer to where people live, and delivering schools, parks, playgrounds and infrastructure – creating neighbourhoods that support local living.

We’ve been talking to local residents, businesses and stakeholders for several years about what people value most about their areas. Building on these conversations, we’ve released the SRL Precincts Discussion Paper and are inviting people to share their vision for the future of these growing areas.

Opportunities in Box Hill could include a revitalised linear reserve along Whitehorse Road, providing high-quality green public space; new walking and cycling paths connecting to public transport; enabling better access for residents and people working, studying and visiting; increasing housing opportunities, so more families can make Box Hill their home.

We want to hear what you think about the opportunities in Box Hill and the priority areas we should focus on as we plan for the future. Your feedback from the SRL Precincts Discussion Paper will help inform the formal planning process for the broader areas around the SRL East stations.

To find out more and share your vision, visit Engage Vic.

Melbourne is growing

Within a decade, Melbourne is expected to officially overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city. By the 2050s, we’ll have a population of around 9 million. We need to plan ahead.

SRL is a generational investment in the future of our city and state. As well as the extraordinary benefits to the economy, to our transport network, to the environment and to making easy and fast journeys across our city and state – it’s also about the quality of life the next generation of Victorians will enjoy, and their access to affordable housing, healthcare and employment.

Over decades, SRL will help change the form of Melbourne, attracting new businesses and housing where people want to live – right near great public transport. It’ll support the vibrancy, safety and greenery of these areas, through careful urban planning, more retail and hospitality, more trees and great open spaces in the broader areas around the new stations.

This year, structure planning for these ‘SRL Precincts’ gets underway, which is why we invite you to share your vision. There will be many other opportunities to share your feedback with us throughout the process.

SRL East communities – Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood and Box Hill – are already thriving places, rich in history and character. Planning for the future now will help safeguard what you love about your area and support liveable, walkable and sustainable communities for future generations.

To hear about Box Hill’s construction updates and disruptions, text BOX HILL to 0429 469 592.

What's happening near you in 2023

It’s a big year for SRL East. Take a look at the construction work planned for your local area.

Works being delivered this year

Construction of SRL East is now underway in Box Hill. In this first phase of works, we’re moving underground utilities and services to make way for the new underground station and tunnels, with tunnelling to start in 2026. The SRL station will feature pedestrian plazas, traffic-free connections to public transport and shops, and new public open spaces – including a linear park on the south side of Whitehorse Road.

This year the 109 tram stop on Whitehorse Road will be moved 40m to the west so tram services can continue during construction of SRL East – locals recently provided feedback on the tram stop designs. Works will start next year on a temporary bridge structure to ensure Whitehorse Road can stay open to traffic during construction. Thank you for your cooperation during these works.


Site preparations; moving services; building a tunnel access structure.

Glen Waverley

Site investigations; telecommunications, power and gas relocation.


Moving services; site preparations.


Site investigations and preparations; moving services.


Site preparations; moving services; building a tunnel access structure.


Site investigations and geotechnical drilling.