11 January 2023 to 31 May 2023

The West Gate Tunnel Project is due to carry out major construction activities on or next to the West Gate Freeway between Newport Rail Line and Hyde Street, as well as freeway ramp closures at Williamstown Road, from Wednesday 11 January 2023 to mid-2023.

Works include:

  • installing new drainage
  • reconstructing and building new freeway lanes near Melbourne/Williamstown Road
  • changing the traffic lanes for drivers accessing the M80 Ring Road and Princes Freeway
  • piling works
  • barrier installation
  • preparation works for new freeway overhead gantry signage
  • building the new intersections as part of the new Hyde Street freeway ramps
  • replacing the perforated cladding on the Muir Street walking and cycling bridge with solid panels to address community noise concerns during high winds
  • upcoming works to build a section of new shared use path along the railway on Hall Street from Spotswood station and Stony Creek, including a new pram crossing near the Spotswood Hotel.

We will also continue less impactful works such as laying new or upgraded shared use paths, freeway technology system works, freeway verge works, noise wall works, kerb and traffic signal installation. So we can continue ongoing works on the construction of the new Hyde Street ramps, there are due to be ongoing overnight closures of the Williamstown Road inbound entry ramp.

So that work can be completed as quickly and as safely as possible, construction activities will take place 24/7 and require road, ramp and lane closures. Closures will be confirmed through a weekly traffic email alert.

When driving through these areas, please follow traffic signage and check traffic media reports.


Download the notification to view the map.

What you need to know

24/7 construction activity including piling works on the freeway near Williamstown Road between January and February 2023, night-time lighting, truck movements in the area and increased construction activity at our sites.

The project team will be in touch with local properties directly to discuss how we’re preventing and reducing impacts.

11 January to May 2023

Lane closures:

  • Closure of one lane in each direction of the Williamstown Road/Melbourne Rd interchange
  • Closure of one outbound lane on West Gate Freeway between West Gate Bridge and Millers Road. Speed restriction to 60 km/h on remaining three outbound lanes.
11 January to late- February

Ramp closure:

  • Melbourne Road to West Gate Freeway (outbound)

Additional overnight traffic impacts to be advised via weekly traffic email and Victoria's Big Build Disruptions.

11 January to late- February

Road closure:

  • Simcock Avenue between Booker Street and Hyde Street/ Douglas Parade.
11 January to May 2023

Lane closures and ongoing traffic management set-ups:

  • Hyde Street/Douglas Parade under West Gate Bridge.

Additional overnight closures of Hyde Street/Douglas Parade to be advised via weekly traffic email and bigbuild.vic.gov.au/disruptions

11 January to May 2023

More detail on what you can expect during the works

  • Construction vehicles moving in and out of the area including excavators, cranes, rollers and water and concrete trucks
  • Construction noise, including intermittent noise at night
  • Water-spray trucks and road sweepers used in the local streets around our worksites, keeping local roads clear during construction
  • Lighting will be angled away from homes whenever possible when we’re working at night.

New intersection to open at Simcock Avenue/Hyde Street

A new signalised intersection is scheduled to open at Simcock Avenue and Hyde Street/Douglas Parade at the completion of these works in mid-2023.

The upgraded intersection will allow safer and better access to Simcock Avenue, particularly for vehicles accessing the future outbound ramp between Simcock Avenue and the freeway.