Full steam ahead in Reservoir

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Work is stepping up at the Reservoir level crossing removal site with the new rail bridge taking shape.

The foundation and columns outside the intersection are now being completed with the next piece of the puzzle – the works inside the intersection – to begin next month.

A crew of about 200 workers will be on site at Reservoir throughout the blitz.

By the end of this phase of works, Reservoir locals will see:

  • The base of the of the new elevated platform in place above Reservoir Station. Made up of 6 steel modules weighing up to 100 tonnes each, and 190 concrete planks.
  • The first sections of the rail bridge installed through the station area. Each section is made up of 2 L-shaped beams that are joined with concrete and weigh up to 200 tonnes.
  • Up to 10 bridge pieces (known as headstocks) that sit on top of the piers will have been lifted into place by the 350-tonne crane on site. The heaviest of these headstocks weighs 75 tonnes.

The next major phase of works will kick off in mid August, with the High Street intersection closed to traffic at the level crossing from 9pm on Monday 19 August, reopening in late December.

Trains will continue to operate for most of this time, with alternative access routes in place for road traffic and continued changes in place for pedestrians.

We suggest drivers allow up to an additional 15 minutes to travel the east–west detours at peak or busy times of day.

However, north–south journeys and journeys outside of peak will typically require less additional time – as people experienced in April.

During the intersection closure, the project team will undertake intense work that can only be completed while the road is closed, including reconfiguring the road and building 2, 185m-long steel bridge segments over the intersection.

Locals will be able to watch the bridge take shape from a range of public viewing areas – we’ll keep you posted about that online.

Keep your eyes peeled for local giveaways and promotions in the Reservoir shopping precinct too.

Boom gates at High Street down

Level Crossing Removal High Street, Reservoir