Digital artwork lights up Lilydale Station

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The digital artwork titled ‘Wind of Lilydale’ installed on the lift shaft at the Lilydale Station is helping to create a unique urban marker for the area.

The artwork, also called an AI data painting, is displayed on four digital screens on the station’s lift shaft, creating a civic marker for the town. This unique art piece contributes to the urban design outcomes of wayfinding and placemaking within the Lilydale precinct.

The artist who made the work is Refik Anadol, considered one of the leading artists in digital screen artwork. Andadol explores how the perception and experience of time and space are radically changing now that machines dominate our everyday lives.

The artwork is based on the artistic interpretation of real-time weather data from the Lilydale region. This includes wind speed and direction, temperature and rainfall from weather sensors which are processed through a unique algorithm.

The Maroondah Highway, Lilydale level crossing was removed in November 2021 by building a rail bridge over the road, along with a new Lilydale Station.

Level Crossing Removal Maroondah Highway, Lilydale