Planting at Preston

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The level crossings at Oakover Road, Bell Street, Cramer Street, and Murray Road have now all been removed.

Removing these level crossings has created approximately 3 MCG’s worth of public open space, with the project team planting an abundance of new trees, shrubs, and groundcovers and building facilities for the community to enjoy.

A shared walking and cycling path from Oakover Road through to Murray Road connects locals to the new stations and open spaces which feature seating, play areas, BBQ facilities, and an amphitheatre next to Bell Station.

With more than 700 new trees and around 148,000 plants, shrubs, and grasses underneath the newly raised rail bridge, the new space celebrates native Australian flora. Some of Preston’s newest plants include:

  • Weeping bottlebrush
  • Lemon-scented gum
  • Ruby saltbush
  • Kangaroo Grass

The plants, shrubs, and grasses have been selected for their resilient, sustainable, and drought-tolerant properties.

By selecting the right plants around the stations, the project has created a safer way for commuters to travel. The low garden beds and tall trees create direct sightlines from the street to the station, which allows for passive surveillance within the community.

The trees and shrubs will grow to provide shade and shelter for the community while offering local nesting opportunities and food for local wildlife.

Qualified arborists will continue to undertake a detailed program of monitoring and maintenance. This will ensure the health of all trees and shrubs in the area to ensure beautiful open spaces for Preston for years to come.

Level Crossing Removal